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This time from Liechtenstein at STUDIO LIVE SESSIONS: London based singer and songwriter Andrew Roachford performed and recorded to tape at Little Big Beat Studios in front of a live audience. We caught him after the performance to talk about some insights to his work and the galaxy of music, commenting on how music works and why the love of music lasts for ever…. Stay tuned for exclusive footages ...

Rachel Sermanni, David Rhodes, Joseph Arthur, Edwyn Collins performed in front of a live studio audience at the Little Big Beat Studios in Liechtenstein. We really want people to feel that they have experienced something that they have never experienced before. As we move forward in our digital world, it is really important that we still experience the world live, that we live and breathe these intimate moments. This human bedrock, with no virtuality in between, changes the way that we interact and it changes our understanding of music and how music works. Learn more about our service and get in touch with us:
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